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Entry #2

Praise, but with a sigh

2010-02-21 05:01:19 by thefallingashes

I'm kind of confused. Here is why:

One of my works got front paged, which I'm REALLY happy about, and it's now getting the attention it deserved. Everyday it's score is going up (which is now irrelevant, because it got found and featured) - and thought provoking reviews are being left nearly constantly on it. Thats great! Thats exactly what my work is about.

But I sigh. Because of the sudden popularity that my one work has got, I decided to upload some more works. Most of my work doesn't have many votes on it. So when someone goes through zeroing every piece of my work, it gets reflected in a big way. So thank you, who ever did that. WHILST I UNDERSTAND THE NUDE I UPLOADED WONT GET YOU OFF, IT WASNT MEANT TO BECAUSE IT ISNT PORN. ITS APPRECIATION OF HUMAN FORM. Stupid 13 year olds.


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